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Thanks to Bob Thibodeau for documenting the location of a C4's build sheets.

Build sheet location over fuel tank.jpg (69621 bytes)This photo shows the build sheet wedged between the front of the gas tank and the body of the car.


Build sheet location from engine compartment hole in front crossmember.jpg (69252 bytes)Build sheet location from lower hole in front crossmember.jpg (79523 bytes)These photos show the location of the front build sheet located inside the chassis. The chassis openings are circled.

Armed with these pictures and a little luck I retrieved the build sheet for my Vette.

It was impossible to remove the very fragile 20+ year old sheet of paper from the chassis without ripping it.

However, a bunch of small pieces of paper is better than no small pieces of paper. Once I had extracted as many of the fragile little pieces of the build sheet as I could from the car, I laid all of the pieces together like a jig-saw puzzle and scanned the build sheet:

Click to enlargeThe build sheet revealed where the car was originally purchased, its birth date and a few other factoids.