Windshield Washer
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February 29, 2016

The windshield washer pump wasn't working so I purchased a replacement pump from Ecklers. To replace the pump, you need to remove the washer bottle. To remove the washer bottle you need to remove the passenger side gill-panel which exposes two of the three bottle mounting bolts. To reach the third and last bottle mounting bolt, you may need to remove the rear-most plastic wheel well section.

Once you have the washer bottle removed from the car, turn the bottle upside down and use a ratchet with a long 3/8" extension (longer than the height of the bottle) with a 7/8" deep well socket attached.

  1. Use the ratchet/extension/socket to remove the old pump retaining nut/filter.
  2. Set the new pump into position on the upside-down bottle.
  3. Set the pump retaining nut/filter into the 7/8" socket.
  4. Use the ratchet/extension/socket to insert the retaining nut/filter upward into the washer bottle.
  5. Tighten the retaining nut/filter onto the new pump.