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Exhaust System:

[x] Replace Y-pipe (rotted out drivers side).
[x] Replace Y-pipe hanger strap.
[x] Replace muffler eliminators with mufflers.

Windshield Washer:

[x] Replace washer pump.

Drivers side mirror:

[x] Rattles. Need to tighten the mirror motor mounts.

Cruise control servo boot:

[x] Replace rotted boot.

Broken vacuum/vent hose:

[x] Replace rotted hose.

Outer door seals:

[x] Replace both outer door seals (passenger side seal is old and cracked).

Interior lamps:

[x] Replace door map lights w/LEDs.
[x] Replace rear view mirror map lights w/LEDs.
[x] Replace Rear view mirror console flood light w/LED.
[x] Replace foot-well lights w/LEDs.
[x] Replace cargo bay lights w/LEDs.
[x] Replace center console lid light w/LED.

Exterior lamps:

[x] Replace engine bay lights w/LEDs.
[x] Replace spare tire courtesy lamp w/LED.

Door panels:

[x] Reattach upper trim.
[x] Reattach carpet at top edge.

License plates:

[x] Purchase black frames.
[x] Purchase stainless steel screws w/black plastic caps.

Windshield wiper blades:

[x] Replace 20" windshield wiper blades with 18" blades.
[x] Remove the wiper arm lift ramps.
[x] Flatten the drivers side wiper arm curvature to factory specification.

Rear view mirror:

[x] Mounting screw is loose. Flops around.
[ ] Ball joints are loose. (de-grease and rough-up?)
[x] Replace burned out console flood light.


[ ] Check inner and outer U-Joints (pass side making noise?)

Valve covers:

[x] Replace.

Idle speed:

[ ] Set minimum idle speed.

Coolant overflow bottle cap:

[ ] Replace disintegrated cap gasket.

Targa Tops:

[x] Replace drooping headliner in solid top.
[ ] Reattach the rubber head protector pads.

Climate control:

[x] Repair blinking control panel display/lights.


[x] Trim lift handle from over-sized battery (pushing gill panel outward).

Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL):

[x] Replace bulbs with LEDs.

Reverse Gear / Ignition Key interlock:

[ ] Repair the reverse gear to ignition key interlock.
(currently you can take car out of reverse without unlocking steering column.)

Rear hatch weather-strip:

[x] Replace rear hatch weatherstrip (seal has detached from the U-channel body attachment)

Reprogram ECM:

[ ] Lower radiator cooling fan ON temperature (replace thermostat also)
[x] Default the 4+3 Overdrive to OFF.
[x] Eliminate the MAF Burn-Off test (code 36)
[ ] Add subroutine to slow-flash the OD indicator when OD is armed but OFF.
[ ] Repurpose the 'upshift for economy' indicator to redline upshift indicator.